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Valves and gauges are the products that are widely used. They are associated with our day to day life and also used widely in various industrial products. Visit Indiamart to grab all the latest valve tenders, gauge tenders, control valves tenders, wire gauge tenders, industrial valves tenders and strain gauge tenders.
Due Date: 2023-12-13
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Products : Dial Gauge,Pressure Gauge
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-13
Due Date:
Dangoaposi, Jharkhand
Products : Valve Assemblies,Pneumatic Control Valve
Document Submit Before : 2024-01-05
Due Date:
Andal, West Bengal
Tender Value : Rs 7407350.0 /-
EMD : Rs 148147.0 /-
Products : Clevis Pins,Valve Spring Retainer
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-26
Due Date: 2023-12-16
Mysuru, Karnataka
Products : Check Valves,Vertical Check Valve,Safety & Pressure Relief Valves,Pressure Relief Valve,Solenoid Valves,Solenoid Operated Valves
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-16
Due Date: 2023-12-26
Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
Products : Lined Pipe Fittings,Air Pressure Gauge
Document Sale Starts : 2023-12-05
Document Sale Ends : 2023-12-26
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-26
Due Date:
Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh
Products : Depth Gauges,Measurement Gauge
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-18
Due Date:
Kharagpur, West Bengal
Products : Servo Valves,Hydraulic Servo Valves
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-27
Due Date:
Kazipet, Telangana
Products : Air Regulators,Air Filter Regulator,Brackets,Curtain Brackets,Rear Axles,Rear Hubs,Switching Power Adaptor,Adaptor Cable,Caliper Gauges,Precision Gauges
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-22
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