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Ores, minerals and alloys remain in demand in various industries for different purpose. Indiamart brings you all the latest tender and procurements notice for ores, minerals and alloys. Indiamart tenders and notification presents you the list of Indian Minerals Tenders, Metal Tender, tenders Information for Minerals, Mines and Production Metals Tenders in India.

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Supply Of Centering Disc At Kapurthala
Due Date: 30-Jun-2017
Kapurthala, Punjab
EMD : Rs 25300 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 500 /-
Products : Metal Discs
Supply Of Suspension Spring Outer For WDG3A At Samastipur
Due Date: 31-May-2017
Samastipur, Bihar
Quantity : 2 nos
Products : Suspension Spring
Supply Of Set Of Hoses At Bhusaval
Due Date: 02-Jun-2017
Bhusaval, Maharashtra
Quantity : 9 Sets
Products : Industrial Hoses,Spiral Hose
Supply Of Set Of Steel Pins And Bushes For Wap-4 Locos At Arakkonam
Due Date: 30-May-2017
Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu
Quantity : 4 Sets
Products : Bolts,Hexagonal Nut,Slotted Nuts
Supply Of Aluminum Rivet Round Head Size 4x16mm Is 2907/1988 Or Similar At Matunga
Due Date: 29-Jun-2017
Matunga, Maharashtra
Quantity : 50 nos
Products : Aluminium Rivet
Supply Of GI Nut And Bolt With Spring Washer And Lock Nut At Sonepur
Due Date: 07-Jun-2017
Sonepur, Bihar
Quantity : 12000 Sets
Products : Bolts,Spring Washer,Galvanized Nut
Supply Of M.S.Duplex Sprocket18t.X5/8 At Hoshangabad
Due Date: 16-Jun-2017
Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Doc Fee : Rs 250 /-
Quantity : 6 Unit
Products : Sprockets
Supply Of Axle End Steel High Tensile Cap Screws At Mancheswar
Due Date: 09-Jun-2017
Mancheswar, Orissa
EMD : Rs 66000 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 1500 /-
Quantity : 15110 nos
Products : Cap Screws
Supply Of Locking Plate, For Center Pivot Arrgt At Lucknow Charbagh
Due Date: 07-Jun-2017
Lucknow Charbagh, Uttar Pradesh
Quantity : 1899 nos
Products : Locking Plates
Supply Of Various Types Of Metal Liners At Amalner
Due Date: 22-Jun-2017
Amalner, Maharashtra
EMD : Rs 5 Lakhs /-
Doc Fee : Rs 2500 /-
Quantity : 152944 nos
Products : Metal Liner
Supply Of G.I Earthing Pipe At Jamshedpur
Due Date: 14-Jun-2017
Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
Tender Value : Rs 13.39 Lakhs /-
EMD : Rs 27000 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 2500 /-
Products : Galvanized Iron Pipes,LED Light Fittings,GI Earthing Pipe
Supply Of Pvc Flexible Fibre Braided Hose At Visakhapatnam
Due Date: 31-May-2017
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Quantity : 100 Meters
Products : Braided Hose
Supply Of Pipe Set With Washer For 05 Kg Dcp Type Fire Extinguisher At Abu Road
Due Date: 29-May-2017
Abu Road, Rajasthan
Quantity : 100 nos
Products : Metal Pipes,Washer
Supply , Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Commercial Kitchen Equipment's At CBD Belapur
Due Date: 30-May-2017
CBD Belapur, Maharashtra
Doc Fee : Rs 1500 /-
Products : Kitchen Equipment
Supply Of Hex Head Cap Screw With Drilled Head 3/8 Inch -16x3/4 Inch Long At Ludhiana
Due Date: 14-Jun-2017
Ludhiana, Punjab
Quantity : 2409 nos
Products : Cap Screws,Hex Head Screws
Supply Of Hex Head Cap Screw With Drilled Head 3/8 Inch -16x1 1/8 Inch Long At Ludhiana
Due Date: 14-Jun-2017
Ludhiana, Punjab
Quantity : 128 Unit
Products : Cap Screws,Hex Head Screws
Supply Of Burnt Stone Lime At Nandanam
Due Date: 09-Jun-2017
Nandanam, Tamil Nadu
Tender Value : Rs 6 Crores /-
EMD : Rs 5 Lakhs /-
Quantity : 8480 Metric_Tons
Products : Limestone
Supply Of 55 Pin Bolt With Sleeve At Allahabad
Due Date: 07-Jun-2017
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
EMD : Rs 30900 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 500 /-
Quantity : 24 nos
Products : Bolts,Metal Sleeve
Supply Of Hex Head Bolt 3/4 Inch-10 X1 1/2 Inch Long At Tughlakabad
Due Date: 05-Jun-2017
Tughlakabad, Delhi
Quantity : 1040 nos
Products : Hex Head Bolts
Supply Of Hex Head Bolt 3/4 Inch-10 X1 1/2 Inch Long At Jaipur
Due Date: 05-Jun-2017
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Quantity : 2840 nos
Products : Hex Head Bolts
Supply Of Video Mediastinoscope For The Department Of General Surgery At Jodhpur
Due Date: 27-Jun-2017
Jodhpur, Rajasthan
EMD : Rs 14000 /-
Quantity : 1 nos
Products : Surgical Equipment
Supply Of Hex Head Screw Size M30x55x3.50 Mm At Ajmer
Due Date: 29-May-2017
Ajmer, Rajasthan
Quantity : 140 nos
Products : Hex Head Screws
Supply Of Protect Bar, Plasser Part No. 64.08.10194 At Nagpur
Due Date: 07-Jun-2017
Nagpur, Maharashtra
EMD : Rs 17900 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 500 /-
Quantity : 1 nos
Products : Metal Bars
Supply Of Gasket Water Pipe At Secunderabad
Due Date: 25-May-2017
Secunderabad, Telangana
EMD : Rs 30000 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 500 /-
Products : Water Pipe
Supply Of Foot Plate Arrangement For Vestibule At Perambur
Due Date: 07-Jun-2017
Perambur, Tamil Nadu
EMD : Rs 53200 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 500 /-
Quantity : 575 nos
Products : Metal Plates
Supply Of Alluminium Rod At Kolkata
Due Date: 02-Jun-2017
Kolkata, West Bengal
Tender Value : Rs 48.46 Lakhs /-
EMD : Rs 1.45 Lakhs /-
Doc Fee : Rs 100 /-
Products : Aluminium Rod
Supply Of Rs Joist 200 X 100mm @ 25.40kg Per Metre, M S Channel 150 X 75mm At Singhbhum
Due Date: 26-May-2017
Singhbhum, Jharkhand
Tender Value : Rs 59.42 Lakhs /-
EMD : Rs 59500 /-
Products : MS Channel,Steel Joist
Supply Of Cap Screw Hex Head 1/2 Inchs - 13 Tpi X 2.1/4 Inchs Long At Jamalpur
Due Date: 05-Jun-2017
Jamalpur, Bihar
Quantity : 9072 nos
Products : Cap Screws,Hex Head Screws
Supply Of Shackle At Jagadhri
Due Date: 25-May-2017
Jagadhri, Haryana
Quantity : 3946 nos
Products : Shackle
Supply Of Mild Steel Pipe At Lallaguda
Due Date: 25-May-2017
Lallaguda, Telangana
Quantity : 1146 Meters
Products : MS Pipe
Supply Of Hex Head Cap Screw Size 3/8 Inch-16 X 7/8 Inch Long At Lucknow Alambgh
Due Date: 29-May-2017
Lucknow Alambgh, Uttar Pradesh
Quantity : 1366 nos
Products : Cap Screws
Supply Of M.s Black Hexagon Head Bolt At Ajmer
Due Date: 26-May-2017
Ajmer, Rajasthan
Quantity : 300 Kg
Products : Mild Steel Nuts,Hexagon Head Bolts,Hexagonal Nut,Mild Steel Bolt
Supply Of Spacer For Housing Bearing Kit [consisting 7 Items] At Varanasi
Due Date: 06-Jun-2017
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
EMD : Rs 48800 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 520 /-
Quantity : 226 Sets
Products : Metal Spacers
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