Latest Indian Tenders for Processed Food & Snacks

Processed food has become a huge success across the globe. Processed food due to its increased safety and convenience is been used and preferred by the people in various countries. Indiamart takes you through the latest list of Processed Food Tenders, Healthy Snacks Tenders and Snack Foods Tender.
Due Date: 2023-12-19
Tezpur, Assam
EMD : Rs 43000 /-
Products : Egg,White Eggs
Document Sale Starts : 2023-11-22
Document Sale Ends : 2023-12-19
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-19
Due Date: 2023-12-15
Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Products : Hing,Hing Powder,Black Pepper,Organic Black Pepper,Green Cardamom,Badi Elaichi,Chilli,Crushed Red Chilli,Dhaniya,Coriander Seed,Cumin Seeds,Black Cumin Seeds,Poppy Seeds,Flower Seeds,Turmeric Powder,Turmeric Finger
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-15
Due Date: 2023-12-14
Mango, Jharkhand
Products : Papad,Cumin (Jeera) Papad,Mixed Pickle,Pickles,Coconut,Tender Coconut,Mango Pickle,Pickles,Green Chilli Pickle,Pickles
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-14
Due Date: 2023-12-16
Amritsar, Punjab
Products : Black Pepper,Organic Black Pepper,Green Cardamom,Badi Elaichi,Dry Cloves,Organic Clove,Cumin Seeds,Black Cumin Seeds,Mustard Seeds,Red Mustard Seeds,Turmeric Powder,Turmeric Finger,Chilli Powder,Red Chilli Powder,Coriander Seed,Organic Coriander Seed
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-16
Due Date: 2023-12-20
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
EMD : Rs 471600 /-
Products : Potato,Sweet Potatoes,Garlic,Dehydrated Garlics,Onion,Shallots Onion,Quicklime,Lime Powder
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-20
Due Date:
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Products : Ethanol,Red Chilli Powder
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-11
Due Date: 2023-12-27
Alwar, Rajasthan
Tender Value : Rs 26084750.0 /-
EMD : Rs 521695.0 /-
Products : Wheat Flour,Organic Wheat Flour,Wheat Flour,Flours,Maida,Farina,Semolina,Organic Rava,Millet Rava,Maida,Flours
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-27
Due Date: 2023-12-18
Gurdaspur, Punjab
Products : Red Chilli,Crushed Red Chilli,Garlic,Dehydrated Garlics,Dhaniya,Coriander Seed,Turmeric Powder,Turmeric Finger,Imli,Black Tamarind,Cumin Seeds,Black Cumin Seeds,Green Cardamom,Badi Elaichi,Black Pepper,Organic Black Pepper,Mustard Seeds,Brown Mustard Seeds
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-18
Due Date: 2023-12-18
Gangtok, Sikkim
Products : Name Plates,Wooden Name Plate,Cushions,Decorative Cushions,Towels,Cotton Towel,Pen Stand,Table Clock Pen Stand,Glass Photo Frame,Instant Noodle
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-18
Due Date: 2023-12-16
Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
Products : Red Chilli,Crushed Red Chilli,Mustard Seeds,Brown Mustard Seeds,Turmeric Powder,Turmeric Finger,Imli,Black Tamarind,Black Pepper,Organic Black Pepper,Dry Cloves,Masala,Green Cardamom,Badi Elaichi,Dhaniya,Coriander Seed,Cumin Seeds,Black Cumin Seeds
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-16
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