Latest Indian Tenders for Kitchenware

Technology has improved human life. Now there are various new machines that make our daily work easy. Even in kitchen various new kitchenware added that help us in cooking safe and fast. Indiamart gives you the latest list of kitchenware tenders, steel kitchenware tenders and cookware tenders.
Due Date:
LGD, Telangana
Products : Areca Leaf Plates,Silver Foil Paper Plates
Document Submit Before : 2021-01-25
Due Date:
Jamnagar, Gujarat
Products : Textile Machinery Spares,Textile Machine Components,Casserole Dish,Cello Casserole Dish,Gastronorm Pan,Cast Iron Pan,Spice Boxes,Wooden Spice Box
Document Submit Before : 2021-01-28
Due Date:
Pune, Maharashtra
Products : Serving Plate,Dinner Plates
Document Submit Before : 2021-01-29
Due Date: 2021-02-11
Malda, West Bengal
EMD : Rs 2,67,720 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 5000.00 /-
Products : Needle Vibrator,Surface Plate Vibrator,Sewing Machines,Single Needle Sewing Machine,Wall Putty Spray Machine,Mortar Spraying Machine,Aluminium Handi,Aluminum Utensils,Wood Polishing Machine,Polishing Machine
Document Sale Starts : 2021-01-21
Document Sale Ends : 2021-02-09
Document Submit Before : 2021-02-09
Due Date:
Bangalore, Karnataka
Products : Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks,Bathroom Sinks,Wash Basins,Bathroom Basin
Document Submit Before : 2021-02-02
Due Date: 2021-01-28
Trivandrum, Kerala
EMD : Rs 50,000 /-
Products : Ice Cream Cup,Plastic Ice Cream Cups,Containers Lid,Plastic Lids,Spoon,Serving Spoon,Yogurt Packaging Cup,Packaging Cup
Document Sale Starts : 2021-01-11
Document Sale Ends : 2021-01-27
Document Submit Before : 2021-01-27
Due Date:
CPD, West Bengal
Products : Kitchen Accessories,Cutlery Holder
Document Submit Before : 2021-02-10
Due Date:
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Products : Labyrinth Seals,Bearing Caps,Main Bearing Cap,Serving Plate,Dinner Plates
Document Submit Before : 2021-02-19
Due Date: 2021-02-02
EMD : Rs 4,000 /-
Products : Cutlery Set,Kitchen Cutlery
Document Sale Starts : 2021-01-25
Document Sale Ends : 2021-02-01
Document Submit Before : 2021-02-01
Due Date:
West Midnapore, West Bengal
Tender Value : Rs 27346 /-
Products : Pressure Cooker,Kitchen Cookware,Stainless Steel Parat,Stainless Steel Kitchenware,Containers Lid,Plastic Lids
Document Submit Before : 2021-01-29
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