Supply Of Computed Radiography Unit At Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Radiographic Equipment Tender Posted on :  27 Feb, 2015
Tender Details:

Supply Of Computed Radiography Unit At Gorakhpur

  • EMD


    Rs. 10000/-

  • Document Fees


    Rs. 500/-

  • Quantity


    1 Pieces

  • Notice Type


    Domestic Tender Notice

  • Products


    Radiographic Equipment

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Gorakhpur - Uttar Pradesh

  • Authority Name:East Central Railway
  • Address:Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur - Uttar Pradesh

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Supply Of Fixed X-ray With Motorized Table (600 MA)/High Frequency At Bhubaneswar

07-Mar-2019 Bhubaneshwar Orissa
Tenders Are Invited For Supply And Installation Of Fixed X-ray With Motorized Table (600 MA)/High Frequency (Technical Specification 1. Generator: A. Generator Should Be High Frequency (200 MHz Or More) For Constant Output. B. Output 50 KW Or More. C. KV Range 40 KV 150 KV In Steps Of 1 KV. D. MA Range Should Be 10 To 500 MA Or More E. Output At 100 KV Should Be 500 MA Or More, F. It Should Have Automatic Exposure Control Device. Exposure Time =0.1 Sec To 5 Secs G. It Should Have Digital Display Of All Parameters With Independent Parameter Setting. H. Anatomical Programming Radiography (APR) Should Be Possible (Minimum 100). I. It Should Have Overload Protection 2. X Ray Tube And Tube Mount: A. Tube Should Be Suspended By A 3D Column To Support Full Range Of General Radiographic Application. B. The X-ray Tube Should Be Rotating Anode. C. 9000 Rpm Or More D. Dual Focus Spot X-ray Tube Focal Spots Of Following Sizes: I. Large Focus: 1.2/1.2 Mm Or Better Ii. Small Focus: 0.6/0.6 Mm Or Better E. Tube With Anode Heat Storage Capacity 300 KHU Or More. F. HT Cable Of Adequate Length. G. Auto Tracking/centering With Vertical Bucky And Table Bucky Should Be Available And Offered As Standard. I. Column Should Support Up And Down Movement Of Tube With Electromagnetic Locks. K. Multi-leaf Collimator Should Have Halogen Light With Auto Shut Off. L. Should Have Auto Collimation And Adjust Automatically To The Size Of The Inserted Cassette. 3. X Ray Table: A. Table Should Have Motorized Elevation With Foot Pedals And Offer A Floating Table Top. B. It Should Have Minimum Patient Weight Capacity Of 200 Kg Or More. C. The Table Top Should Be Carbon Fibre Type. D. It Should Be Provided With Bucky Which Can Hold All Standard Sizes Of Cassettes Upto 14x17. It Should Have A Grid Ratio 10:1 Or Better. E. Should Have Automatic Sensing Of Cassette Size. F. Table Should Have Auto Tracking / Centering Features With Tube. 4. Ceiling Suspended Column Stand: Ceiling Suspended Column Stand With Longitudinal, Lateral And Vertical Movements. It Should Have Electromagnetic Locks. 5. Vertical Bucky Stand: A. The Unit Should Be Provided With Tiltable Vertical Bucky With Vertical Movement 110 Cm Or More With Electromagnetic Lock. B. Stationary Focused Grid With 10:1 And 100 Lines Per Inch Or More C. Should Have Automatic Sensing Of Cassette Size. 6. Accessories: 75 KVA Servo Stabilizers For The Complete Unit.) At Bhubaneswar
Quantity : 1 Unit
EMD : 20,000
Document Fees : 5,600
Notice Type : Domestic Tender Notice
Product / Services :X Ray Machine, Motorized Table, Motorized Instrument Table
Doc Submit Before : 12-Apr-2019
Due Date : 15-Apr-2019
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