Supply Of Rolled Channel At Kolkata, West Bengal

Steel Channels Tender Posted on :  23 Feb, 2015
Tender Details:

supply of rolled channel

  • Document Fees


    Rs. 1,718/-

  • Quantity


    127 Metric_Tons

  • Notice Type


    Domestic Tender Notice

  • Products


    Steel Channels

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Kolkata - West Bengal

  • Authority Name:Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
  • Address:Kolkata, West Bengal, Kolkata - West Bengal

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Supply Of Street Lighting Pillar At Mumbai

08-Mar-2019 Mumbai Maharashtra
Tenders Are Invited For Supply Of Street Lighting Pillar (Street Lighting Pillar (SLP) Is To Be Installed On The Footpath As An Electric Power Distribution Centre For Street Lighting System. It Shall Be Generally Conforming To IS:5039/1983 As Amended Up-to Date. It Shall Also Conform To This Specification. Wherever The Provisions Of IS And This Specification Are At Variance, The Latter Shall Be Binding. 2.0 IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERER: 2.1 SLP Manufacturer Or His Authorized Distributor Shall Participate In The Tender. Manufacturer Should Upload The Documentary Evidences In Support Of The Same While Submitted Technical Bid. In Case Of Authorized Distributor, Valid Certificate In Support Of The Same Shall Be Uploaded While Submitting Technical Bid. 2.2 The Tenderer Shall Submit Valid IS0 9001-2008 Or Equivalent Certificate For Manufacturing Process. 2.3 The Tenderer Shall Submit Test Certificate From The Manufacturer And Drawing With Dimensional Details Of The SLP. 2.4 The Tenderer Shall Follow Below Mentioned Drawings Attached With This Specification:- 1) Street Lighting Pillar (Main Drg.) : SL/EQ-227(A) 2) Locking Arrangement For Pillar : PL/582 3) HRC Fuse Base 630A : ES/Pl/A-230 Rev. (`G) 4) Canopy Drawings : ES/Pl/A-448 5) CI Stand For St. Ltg. Pillar\ : P/L-577 (B) 6) Danger Board Plate : SK/PL (2004) 213 7) Epoxy Insulator : PL/598 8) L.V. Dist. Pillar With Fuse Base : ES/PL/42Rev. K 9) Phase Barrier Support : SL/EQ-227A 10) Side Terminals : ES/PL/A/210 Rev.(C) 3.0 Design Requirements: 3.1 The Shell Of SLP Shall Be Made Out Of MS Sheets. 3.2 The Dimensions Shall Be As Shown In Drawing SL/EQ-227A 3.3 The Height Of The Top Busbar From The Floor Level Shall Not Be More Than That Shown In The Drawing For Pillar. 3.4 Complete Access Shall Be Available From Front For Carrying Out Jointing And Maintenance Work. -2- 3.5 The Pillars Shall Be Fabricated For Terminating Three Main Cables (Three Ways) On A Common Busbar Through Fuse Bases. Each Way Shall Comprise Of Three Fuse Bases, Bracket For Glands, Etc. First Two Ways Will Have Fuse Bases Of 630 Amperes Capacity And Third Unit Will Have Fuse Bases Of 200 Amperes Capacity. 3.6 Adequate Clearance Shall Be Provided Between All Live Parts And The Frame Work, Taking In To Consideration The Safety Of Personnel Carrying Out Cable Jointing And Maintenance Work When Any Of The Current Carrying Parts On The Frame Work Are Alive. 3.7 The Tenderer Shall Quote Prices For Pillars Along With Fuse Bases And Bus Bars. 4.0 FRAMEWORK 4.1 The Frame Of The Pillar Shall Be Fabricated From Un-galvanised Rolled Steel Flats, Angles And Channels. 4.2 The Angles, Flats And Channels Shall Be Not Less Than 50mm X 50mm X 6mm, 50mm X 6mm And 60mm X 25mm X3mm Respectively. They Shall Be Fitted At Appropriate Positions For Mounting The Accessories. The Weight Of The Accessories Shall Be On The Framework Only. 4.3 The Pillars Shall Be Provided With Suitable Bracings And Stiffeners Wherever Necessary. 4.4 The Horizontal Angles/flats In The Front (top And Bottom) Of The Frame On Which The Front Apron Is Fixed Shall Be Removable. 5.0 SLP Shell: - The Enclosure For The Pillar Shall Be Made Of 3.15 Mm Thick (minimum) MS Sheets. The Enclosure Shall Provide The Degree Of Protection IP 43 In Accordance With IS:13947 (Part 1)/1993 As Amended Up-to Date. The Pillar Shall Be Designed For Outdoor Installations In All Respects. All MS Sheets Used For Making The SLPs Shall Be Un-galvanised Except The Apron (on All Four Sides). 6.0 Construction :- The Pillar Shall Comprise Of Four Parts 6.1 Bottom Portion (Apron) 6.2 Middle Portion (main Body) 6.3 Canopy 6.4 Base Portion) At Mumbai
Quantity : 12 Unit
EMD : 6,000
Document Fees : 200
Notice Type : Domestic Tender Notice
Product / Services :Steel Pillar
Doc Submit Before : 26-Mar-2019
Due Date : 29-Mar-2019
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