Supply Of Upright Metallurgical Microscope With Digital Camera Attachment At Kharagpur, West Bengal

Metallurgical Microscopes Tender Posted on :  24 Feb, 2015
Tender Details:

Supply Of Upright Metallurgical Microscope With Digital Camera Attachment At Kharagpur

  • EMD


    Rs. 50000/-

  • Document Fees


    Rs. 1,000/-

  • Notice Type


    Domestic Tender Notice

  • Products


    Metallurgical Microscopes

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Kharagpur - West Bengal

  • Authority Name:Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur
  • Address:Kharagpur, Pin Code - 721 302 , West Bengal, Kharagpur - West Bengal

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Supply Of Upright Microscope At Dehradun

11-Mar-2019 Dehradun Uttarakhand
Tenders Are Invited For Supply Of Upright Microscope And Research Stereomicroscope Qty 01 Nos ( Upright Microscope- Imported Upright Microscope With Illumination For Bright Field And Phase Contrast Application With Camera For Quality Control Of Semen Samples. Microscopes Stand With Apo Chromatic Corrected/ Harmonic Component System. LED Transmitted Light With Life Span Of Approx. 50, 000 Hrs With Time Delay Illumination Shut Off Facility. Nose Piece: Sextuple Revolving Interchangeable DIC Nosepiece. Observation Tube: Should Be Trinocular Wide Field, Three Way Light Path Distribution For Simultaneous Viewing And Imaging Of The Specimens. 30 Degree Inclined Tube With Locking Mechanism For Eyepieces. Field Of View 25 Mm Or Above. Mechanical Stage With Ultra Hard Ceramic Stage Plate And Coaxial Drive Eyepiece 10x (x2), Focusable With Diopter Adjustment Facility With Field Of View Of At Least 22mm Or Higher Condenser: Universal Condenser Suitable For Bight Field (BF), Phase Contrast (PH), Dark Field And DIC Having N.A. 0.9 Or Higher With At Least 6 Slots For Optical Elements With Freely Rotatable Condenser Head. Objectives: The Following Objectives Should Be Quoted:- Plan Achromat 10X (N.A. 0.25 Or More, W.D. 10.5 Mm Or Higher) BF, PH Plan Achromat 20X (N.A. 0.40 Or More, W.D. 0.35 Mm Or Higher) BF, DIC Plan Achromat 40X (N.A. 0.65 Or More, W.D. 0.35 Mm Or Higher), BF, DIC Plan Achromat 100X Oil (N.A. 1.25 Or More, W.D. 0.15 Mm Or Higher), BF, PH 2. Research Stereomicroscope - 1. Imported Stereo Microscope With Optics & Zoom Ratio: Imported Research Stereozoom Microscope With Common Main Objective Optics & Optical Zoom Of 18:1 Or Better Zoom Ratio With Total Magnification Range Of 0.7x To 16 X Or Better With 1X Objective. Microscope Should Have Coarse And Fine Focusing Knobs. Focus Drive Coarse/fine With Min. 400mm Focus Column. User Should Able To Get High Resolution & Depth Of Field Simultaneously At The Eyepieces. The Entire Optics Of The Microscope Should Be Fully Apochromatically Corrected Including The Zoom Optics. 2. Resolution: Minimum 1000 Lines/mm Or Better 3. Observation Tube: Binocular Observation Tube Inclined At 30 To 45 Or Better With Light Path Distribution Of 100:0, 50:50/80:20, 0:100.Interpupillary Distance Adjustment Range Of 52 76 Mm Or Better. 4. Eyepiece: 10x Paired With Field Of View 23 Mm Or Better With Diopter Adjustment In Both Eyepieces. 5. Objective: It Should Have Revolving Nosepiece With One Objective Plan Apochromat 1x Objective With Minimum Working Distance Of 60 Mm And N.A. 0.17 Or Better.) At Dehradun
Tender Value : 24 Lakhs
EMD : 60,000
Document Fees : 1,180
Notice Type : Domestic Tender Notice
Product / Services :Metallurgical Microscopes, Microscope
Doc Sale Starts : 11-Mar-2019
Doc Sale Ends : 30-Mar-2019
Doc Submit Before : 30-Mar-2019
Due Date : 30-Mar-2019
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