Latest Indian Tenders for Ayurvedic & Herbal Products

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science which has become popular across the globe over the years. Ayurvedic medicines are having high demand not only in India but also from the different part of the world. Indiamart brings you the latest list of tenders floated for ayurvedic and herbal product at your single click.
Due Date:
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Products : Pain Relief Patch,Ayurvedic Medicine
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-11
Due Date:
Ballari, Karnataka
Tender Value : Rs 3006390.00 /-
EMD : Rs 75000.00 /-
Doc Fee : Rs 500.00 /-
Products : Ayurvedic Medicine,Herbal Ayurvedic Migraine Medicine
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-18
Due Date: 2023-12-21
Baramulla, Jammu & Kashmir
Products : Herbal Extracts,Dry Chemical Powder,SMF Battery,Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-21
Due Date: 2023-12-18
Dhana, Madhya Pradesh
Products : Turmeric Powder,Turmeric Finger,Chilli,Crushed Red Chilli,Dhaniya,Coriander Seed,Cumin Seeds,Organic Cumin Seed,Mustard Seeds,Brown Mustard Seeds,Methi Dana,Organic Kasuri Methi,Black Pepper,Red Chilli,Badi Elaichi,Green Cardamom,Dry Cloves,Organic Clove,Dalchini,Dalchini Powder,Ginger,Organic Ginger,Bay Leaf,Masala,Fennel Seed,Anise Seed,Hing,Hing Powder
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-18
Due Date: 2023-12-15
Gurdaspur, Punjab
Products : Dhaniya Powder,Organic Coriander Powder,Cumin Seeds,Black Cumin Seeds,Chilli Powder,Red Chilli Powder,Garam Masala,Masala,Shahi Paneer Masala,Paneer Kadhai Masala,Meat Masala,Masala,Sambar Powder,Masala,Dry Cloves,Organic Clove,Bay Leaf,Masala,Hing,Hing Powder,Dalchini,Dalchini Powder,Methi Dana,Turmeric Powder,Organic Turmeric Powder
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-15
Due Date: 2023-12-18
Ludhiana, Punjab
Products : Brasso Fabric,Brasso Saree,Trimmer Line,Brush Cutter Parts,Engine Oil,Bike Engine Oil,Pig Iron,Iron Rods,Rollers,Conveyor Rollers,Battery Spray Pump,Agricultural Sprayers,Messenger Bags,Toy Gun,Electric Hair Clipper,Hair Cutting,Spring Steel Wire,Messenger Bags,Powder Coating Powder,Dhaniya Powder,Bajaj Almond Hair Oil,Hair Oil,Navratna Oil,Cool Hair Oil,Thread Rolls,Thread Rolling Machine,Eyebrow Tweezers,Tweezers,Hair Comb,Plastic Combs
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-18
Due Date:
New Delhi, Delhi
Products : Ivermectin Tablets,Ayurvedic Tablets
Document Submit Before : 2024-10-31
Due Date: 2023-12-22
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
EMD : Rs 862848 /-
Products : Neem Oil,Cold Pressed Oil
Document Sale Starts : 2023-11-22
Document Sale Ends : 2023-12-21
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-21
Due Date: 2023-12-18
Sambhar, Rajasthan
Products : Turmeric Powder,Turmeric Finger,Dalchini,Dalchini Powder,Dhaniya,Coriander Seed,Methi Dana,Organic Kasuri Methi,Bay Leaf,Masala,Sabji Masala,Masala,Sambhar Mix,Sambar Powder,Ajwain,Masala,Green Cardamom,Badi Elaichi,Dry Cloves,Masala,Black Pepper,Organic Black Pepper,Cumin Seeds,Organic Cumin Seed,Red Chilli Powder,Chilli Powder,Fennel Seed,Sugar Coated Fennel
Document Submit Before : 2023-12-18
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